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China: Official Views and News

This page contains links to the English version of some of the official Chinese government agencies sites. They are listed in alphabetical order.

In many areas the Chinese laws, rules and regulations are changing. China Expert therefore presents you with an opportunity to easily access these official sites as a free service in order to help you keep track of anything that might affect your decision making process.

These links will navigate you away from the China Expert Site. We therefore suggest that, if you have not already done so, you bookmark our site or alternatively use the back arrows to return to this page.

The Chinese Government Official Website

Chinese National Emblem

Certification and Accreditation Administration

China Machinery Industry Federation

China National Light Industry

Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science

Chinese Acadmy of Engineering

Chinese Academy of Science

Development Research Center of the State Council

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Land and Resources

Ministry of Science and Technology

National Bureau of Statistics of China

Standardization Administration of China

State Economic and Trade Commission

Stae Food and Drug Administration

State Intellectual Property Office

The People's Bank of China


China National Flag

Beijing Review - China's Only English Weekly News Magazine

CCTV9 - China Central TV (English)

China Daily

CRI - China Radio International

People's Daily

Xinhua News Agency

Please feel free to use Google to search either this site or the whole web.
Just type in the relevant keyword.

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